4 Tips For Entertaining in Rental Spaces

With a little planning and creative design, renters can host the dinner party of their dreams indoors and outdoors

The galley kitchen at 653 McMillan Avenue can easily accommodate a dinner party if you prepare accordingly.

While hosting a party can be stressful, it’s also an exciting opportunity! We all get together with family and friends to share food, drinks, and good company. Occasionally, the crew will come to your place whether it’s for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, promotions, or “just because!” 

Living in a rental property doesn’t have to limit your opportunities to celebrate these important milestones. Even with a smaller space, you can accommodate a group of people comfortably – you just need to get a little creative. 

Here are our top four tips for entertaining guests in small spaces.

Choose Multi-Purpose Furniture

If you’re tight on space, you may need to choose furniture pieces that can pull double duty in a pinch. Benches with storage compartments under the seat, coffee or side tables that can act as chairs, or an ottoman that offers an extra spot for food or a guest.

Along with being multi-purpose, you’ll want this furniture to be light. It should be easy to move. Ideally, you’ll be doing the rearranging before the guests arrive, but sometimes you may want to adjust the set-up if certain areas are getting too crowded.

To keep your floors protected (especially if you’re renting), make sure you put furniture sliders on the bottom of all your couches, chairs, and tables that are mobile.

Keep Decor Simple

A simple plant or arrangement, like the one at the kitchen table at 530 River Avenue can keep the table set-up from looking cluttered.

While extravagant centrepieces and forks for every course can elevate the look of your dinner, it’s important to maximize space when entertaining, especially tabletop space. Keep your tablescapes and room décor to a minimum to reduce clutter and facilitate that crisp and clean feel.

Decorating the food and plate presentation is another opportunity to decorate without taking up too much space. Use your master chef skills to whip up a themed dessert, or grab your cocktail set and make a signature drink.

If you have a specific vibe you’re going for, ambient music can also help fill in the gaps where décor is lacking.

Spread Out Food and Drink

Depending on the types of food you’re offering, you may want to spread out your serving stations to avoid overcrowding in certain areas. Think about your space and the type of menu you can accommodate.

Multiple plates of appetizers encourage people to mingle while sitting or standing. A sit-down meal requires a spot for everyone to sit at once. Depending on the plate (paper, ceramic or glass) and cutlery served with dessert, people may want to sit or stand.

Capitalize On Outdoor Space

The deck at 224 Bertrand has more than enough room for a few chairs and a table.

If you’re in an apartment with a balcony or other outdoor space, there are many options for giving your guests some fresh air during all four seasons.

If it’s warm enough, keep the door to the balcony or deck open to extend the living space and encourage guests to go outside. Choosing your outdoor furniture to coordinate with your indoor pieces will also make your home feel bigger. 

Affordable Luxury Apartments Available

Our properties are designed for both you and your guests’ comfort. If you’re looking for an affordable luxury apartment or want to check out the spaces we have available, visit our Properties page.

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