5 Benefits Of Living In A Sustainably Designed Property

Learn how sustainable living can improve your quality of life

With climate change effects literally flooding into headlines and news broadcasts, many renters are left wondering how the push for sustainability will affect the housing market. At Paragon Living, we see new challenges as an opportunity to innovate and reconsider the way things have previously been done.

Sustainable living is a combination of many factors including materials, the size of the space, and design. Paragon Living’s properties include sustainability at every level, from the floorboards to the ceiling.

It’s no secret sustainability improves quality of life and makes people happier, but what are some other benefits of a sustainably designed property?

The main floor of 927 Hector Avenue features excess natural light and open space.

Contributes to a Greener Planet

A sustainably designed property means a reduced environmental footprint, especially if your property is an infill development. This is something our society is increasingly working towards as we seek to better understand and respect the environment we occupy.

Part of building sustainably means using materials with fewer or no harsh chemicals, which leads to better soil and air quality. These materials are better for the environment and for those who live in the building.

Better Temperature Control

All of Paragon Living’s properties are built with high-quality windows, doors and building materials. These are more durable and more attractive, while providing good insulation – keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Proper insulation reduces cold spots or draftiness in a home, keeping you more comfortable year-round.

Lower Utility Costs

Along with high-quality insulation, our properties take advantage of as much natural light as possible. This includes plenty of large, north-facing windows to let in sunlight. Natural light keeps the furnace from working too hard in the winter and your air conditioning from working too hard in the summer. All of this means we’re using less energy, lowering utility bills and reducing our carbon footprint.  

Using quality building materials also means less maintenance. At Paragon Living, we value high-end building practices so we can offer more long-lasting properties.

Adaptable to Potential Needs

Sustainability is about a lot more than just using eco-friendly materials. It’s also about incorporating accessibility into designs for people with a range of needs, so renters are less likely to make adjustments once they move in. We also want our buildings to be places that allow you to stay for a long time – even through life changes such as having children or having reduced mobility due to aging or poor health.

Natural light is good for people with poor eyesight. Open-concept designs can be furnished in many different ways to allow for wider walking areas or specific furniture needs. Wide doorways, ramps and elevators allow wheelchair access in many of our multi-floor buildings.

Live Happier and Healthier

Using more sustainable building materials and incorporating more sunlight into our designs are just a few elements that contribute to a better quality of life in the properties we offer.

Building and managing sustainable properties is a cornerstone of Paragon Living. Check out our About Us page to learn more about the vision, mission, and core values of our business.

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