A Renter’s Guide To Minimalism

Take advantage of your space by only keeping the items you need

Springtime is finally upon us — the snow has melted, the birds are chirping and your closets and spare rooms are needing some well-overdue attention. Hibernating from the tough prairie winters can leave your space filled with all sorts of extra clothes, gadgets and impulse Amazon purchases you really didn’t need in the first place.

If you’re curious about what minimalism is and how it could fit into your life, there’s no better time to start implementing minimalism practices than now. Whether you’re a Marie Kondo super fan or a de-cluttering newbie, minimalism can offer a lot of value to you and your space.

What Is Minimalism?

There are a lot of misconceptions about what minimalism is. Some people think it’s restrictive, keeping you from buying the things you want. Others picture white walls and empty shelves when they think of minimalism. But those stereotypes don’t align with the definition of minimalism and how it translates into everyday living.

It’s not about giving away stuff you love to only live with a certain amount of items. It’s about only keeping the things that matter to you and the life you want to live. It pulls focus away from categories like need, use and want, and instead puts more stock into the meaning and value your possessions hold.

Because minimalism depends on an individual’s values and priorities, it looks different for everyone.

How Do I Become A Minimalist?

This isn’t a one-day project — it’s a way of making decisions to create the home and life you want. There are many resources and step-by-step guides available on the internet, but the best thing to do is to start small.

Go through all the things you own, one room or category at a time. Start with just a closet or bathroom. You could also start with a category like shoes or linens. Think about if you use an item regularly, if it matters to you and if it’s worthy of taking space in your home and life.

Evaluate all your possessions with that mindset and get rid of the things that don’t fit the criteria. You can also apply this to your work or life commitments, technology, your digital interactions, hobbies and relationships.

How Can This Improve My Renting Experience?

Minimalism can not only reduce clutter, but it can also improve your overall renting experience. It will help you keep a cleaner space, which is great for your own peace of mind and will make moving in and out much easier.

It will also encourage you to fill your space with things that matter to you, allowing you to truly enjoy the time you spend in your home. No more looking at décor you regret buying or shoes you never wear anymore.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your minimalist lifestyle, there are plenty of popular influencers that model their own definitions of minimalism. Check out the websites, blogs, and social media of people like Joshua Becker, Courtney Carver and The Minimalists (Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus). And if you’re looking for a new space to start your minimalist journey in, check out our Rentals page to see our available suites.

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