Bike Storage Options For Your Winnipeg Apartment

Storing your bike inside is best for you and your ride

Winnipeg has invested millions of dollars in recent years to make the city more bike friendly, including the enhanced bike lane on Pembina Highway, completed in Fall 2019. Using a bike to get around the city is good for more than just exercise. It will help you cut transportation costs significantly compared to owning a car or buying a bus pass. As a nice bonus, avoiding gas-powered vehicles helps shrink your carbon footprint. And it’s probably not surprising that people who walk or bike to work are happier and more productive, according to research from the Journal of Transport Geography.

With increasing bike sales since the beginning of the pandemic, bike theft decreasing in Winnipeg and support for active transportation increasing, now is the best time to hop on two wheels. And the best way to keep your new ride safe is to store it inside. If your building doesn’t have common storage space, you’ll have to keep it in your own suite.

Here are some storage solutions to keep your bike and home in the best condition.

Horizontal Bike Rack

This type of rack has your bike hanging by the frame — the rack usually braces the top crossbar of your bike frame. There are all kinds of horizontal racks available. Some are simple and minimalistic racks. Some have storage containers, some are collapsible and some can even match your home décor. If you have multiple bikes, this can be a real space saver.

You can put a horizontal bike rack in your entryway for easy access, or mount it into the living or dining room as you would with a large painting or photo. Having a wall-mounted rack means you’ll need to be strong enough to lift your bike (likely above your head), but it’s sturdier than a free-standing rack.

Vertical Bike Rack

A vertical bike rack hangs your bike by the wheels, either just the front wheel or both the front and back wheels. If you have an unused corner of your common space or a gap between an entryway and the perpendicular wall, this type of rack might work for you.

Like the horizontal bike rack, it’s less likely your bike will fall over and get damaged if you hang your bike vertically, as long as you latch it properly. You can mount it a few feet off the ground to create storage space underneath, but only if you can safely lift and secure the bike above your head.

Pole Bike Racks

These types of bike racks are a single pole that relies on the tension between the floor and ceiling to keep upright. These are much easier to install than the wall-mounted racks because you won’t need to put holes in the wall. They’re also much more versatile and easy to move, while still saving precious floor space.

Free-standing Bike Rack

Sometimes called a bike stand, this is the simplest and most rider-friendly rack available. It requires the least amount of installation and is the only type of rack that doesn’t require you to lift the bike. It’s easy to move around if you want to rearrange the layout or take it with you to a new home or on a vacation. Frequent flyers will also want to choose a free-standing rack that’s collapsible.

Although a free-standing bike rack will take up some of your floor space, it’s the most renter-friendly option. No additional holes in the wall will make for a smoother move-out process (and a greater likelihood of getting your damage deposit back).

Choosing a bike rack largely depends on the size and shape of your home. Once you choose a rack that’s right for your space, make sure it’s right for your bike too — always check the dimensions and weight-bearing capacity. And if you like to use your bike in the winter, clean your bike to get rid of any moisture, salt or sand before you bring it inside. This will keep your space and bike in good condition all year long.

If you’re looking for a bike-friendly rental suite in Winnipeg, check out our Rentals page for our available listings.

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