How To Decorate A White Kitchen Like A Pro

Use these modern design tricks to make your kitchen look like an HGTV show

White kitchens are very much in style right now, and many of our properties are outfitted with them. They bring a modern, clean look to the space, especially when there’s lots of natural light nearby. And their neutral look allows you to decorate the rest of your space in any way you like.

When you’re decorating your white kitchen, you want to add pops of colour and texture. This keeps the space from becoming too one-dimensional, which can sometimes happen with monochromatic décor. Choosing pieces that combine functionality and beauty will create a great space for cooking, entertaining and making memories.

Check out a few examples from some of Paragon Living’s properties.

Functional Décor

Magnolia Table by Joanna Gaines makes a perfect addition to the countertop at 47 Pilgrim Avenue.

If there are items you use every day, see if there are ways you can incorporate them into your décor. For example, if you have a couple go-to cookbooks, stack them together, like we did in the picture of our kitchen at 47 Pilgrim Avenue.

The utensil container at 47 Pilgrim Avenue matches the black stovetop.

Many people have a container of common utensils sitting right beside their stovetop, so why not make it match your décor? Here, the black container matches the stovetop and cabinet handles. The natural wooden utensils also added warmth to keep the all-white kitchen from looking too harsh.

You can also put plates and glassware on the counter as décor and to save cabinet space, like we did in the kitchen at 47 Pilgrim Avenue.

If you’re using the same set of dishes for every meal, why store them in the cabinet? You can use a serving tray and tea towel, like in the picture above, to make a conveniently placed display of your dishes.

Create Contrast With Handles

The cabinet handles in the kitchen at 47 Pilgrim Avenue add a dark accent to an otherwise bright white room.

Little details like cabinet handles can make such a big difference depending on what style or colour you choose. Black or dark grey handles add dimension to a monochrome kitchen, like in the picture above.

Store Food On Your Counters

The limes on the counter in the kitchen at 47 Pilgrim Avenue make great décor – until you start craving guacamole or margaritas.

A fruit bowl or cookie jar can do more than just satisfy those late-night cravings – they can add an element of natural colour and texture to your countertops and make the space feel fresher.

Make A Statement With Bar Stools

Two bar stools fit perfectly underneath the counter at 47 Pilgrim Avenue.

Whether your décor calls for leather or rattan, find bar stools that reflect your personality and add fun to your kitchen. You can tie in the colour scheme with other parts of your space like rugs, pillows and art to create continuity.

Ultimately, the best way to decorate a white kitchen is whatever you like best – it’s up to you to make your space whatever you want it to be. To see some properties with white kitchens available to rent or lease, check out our Rentals page.

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