Top 5 Great Neighbourhoods for Families in Winnipeg (Paragon Edition)

Are you a family looking for the perfect neighbourhood in Winnipeg to call home? Look no further! In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at some of the best neighbourhoods for families in Winnipeg. As everyone already knows how much Paragon Living loves the neighbourhoods in which our multifamily residences are currently located, in this post we’ll explore some other great Winnipeg neighbourhoods that your family can call home. These neighbourhoods have everything from safe streets to top-rated schools and plenty of amenities. Whether you're new to the city or just looking for a change in scenery, these areas are sure to impress. Keep reading to find out which neighbourhoods made the cut!


Charleswood is a neighbourhood located in the western part of Winnipeg and is known for its quiet streets, well-maintained homes, and friendly community.

Charleswood is located just south of our upcoming development on 2140 Portage Avenue, The Parkbridge, so we’ve seen firsthand what our neighbours across the Assiniboine River have to offer.

One of the central features of Charleswood is its abundance of green spaces and recreational areas. With several recreational areas in the neighbourhood—including Tom Chester Park, which features an off-leash dog park and hockey arena—residents have a chance to enjoy the natural environment as well as a mix of indoor & outdoor activities! Not too far from the neighbourhood is the historic Assiniboine Park & Zoo, itself home to a plethora of attractions.

In terms of shopping and dining, the neighbourhood is not considered a shopping district but it is well-connected to the rest of the city by transit and major transportation routes, making it easy for residents to access other areas for more amenities. With that said, strip malls such as Charleswood Centre and Park West Shopping Centre have a variety of stores and shops to meet residents’ needs.

Overall, Charleswood is an excellent neighbourhood for families looking for a quiet, safe, and friendly community with plenty of green spaces and recreational activities.

River Heights

River Heights is a well-established neighbourhood located in central Winnipeg. Located nearby our own 530 River apartment building, the area is predominantly residential, with a blend of single-family homes, apartments, and condominiums, and is known for its tree-lined streets.

One of the main attractions of River Heights is its abundance of amenities for families. There are several excellent schools in the area, including River Heights School and Lord Roberts Community School—plus a community centre that offers various programs and activities!

In terms of green spaces and recreational areas, River Heights has a few options available, including Cordova and Joe Malone Park plus the Central Corydon Community Centre—which has a public tennis court on site!

Located along Academy Road and Corydon Avenue, shopping and dining options are plentiful. Some of the notable shopping destinations are Corydon Village and Grant Park Shopping Centre.

Overall, River Heights is an excellent neighbourhood for families looking for a friendly community with a good selection of schools and exciting nearby amenities.

Fort Garry

The Fort Garry neighbourhood is located in the southern part of the city and is known for its spacious homes and large yards. Fort Garry has a mix of older homes and newer developments, providing a variety of housing options for renters.

Located just east of our project on 250 Centre Street in the Bridgwater area, the Fort Garry community is also home to the University of Manitoba’s main campus, making it an attractive option for students and young professionals!

Housed within the U of M campus is the Investors Group Field stadium—home of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers—which hosts a variety of sporting and other events. For dining, residents can find anything from casual pizzerias and fast-food joints to numerous family-friendly restaurants.

If you’re looking to shop, the Pembina Strip is one of Winnipeg’s major retail hubs, from electronics to houseware to everyday essentials, especially with the Pembina Village Shopping Centre.

Residents can also be rest assured that the area is home to Victoria General Hospital, available to the south Winnipeg community for various health-related services.

One thing to note, however, is that renting in Fort Garry could be quite expensive, as it is considered a high-end neighbourhood. Additionally, the area can be quite competitive when it comes to finding a rental property, so renters may need to be prepared to move quickly when a suitable property becomes available!

St. Vital

The St. Vital neighbourhood is located in the southeast region of Winnipeg and is known for its expansive range of amenities.

Having experience in this area with our small multifamily building on St. Mary’s Road, one of our favourite qualities of St. Vital is that it is a great place to find family-friendly shopping and leisure experiences. The St. Vital Centre, for example, is one of the city’s major shopping destinations, offering more than 160 shops and services, as well as the multiplex cinema SilverCity St. Vital.

History buffs may also enjoy visiting the St. Vital Museum and the Riel House, the home of the family of Métis leader Louis Riel and now a National Historic Site.

If your family needs a little adventure, you’ll find St. Vital Park—one of Winnipeg's largest city parks, sitting along the Red River riverside—on the west side of the area, as well as several linear parks along the Seine River in the east.

The area is also home to several excellent schools, including St. Vital School and J.H. Bruns Collegiate.

Lastly, St. Vital is also well-connected to the rest of the city both by car and by transit, making the rest of the city very accessible for residents!

Overall, St. Vital is a great neighbourhood for families looking for an area with a wide range of amenities, including good schools, shopping, and recreational activities. With a good selection of parks, community centres, and transportation. St. Vital is a great place to call home!

Amber Trails

Lastly, Amber Trails in Winnipeg North—one of the newer areas of the city—is a perfect suburb to consider for families.

We’d recommend this neighbourhood for just about the same reasons that Paragon Living primarily chose to house our project on 1325 Jefferson Avenue—The Jefferson—in the Maples, located directly south of Amber Trails; those reasons being proximity, amenities, and safety.

For shopping, Garden City and Northgate Shopping Centres are not too far away for easy access to residents, as well as various other shops and services along Leila Avenue and McPhillips Street. The multicultural demographic of the area has also allowed for several ethnic grocery shops and restaurants to be available to residents as well.

For recreation and leisure, Amber Trails consists of intertwining trails that lead along the neighbourhood’s three human-made lakes, perfect for taking a stroll with the family, going for a jog, or walking the dog. Residents also have close access to Seven Oaks Hospital, which houses the Wellness Institute fitness centre.

Being one of the northernmost neighbourhoods of the city, Amber Trails makes family road trips a breeze with relatively quick access to the beaches and sites just north of Winnipeg—such as Gimli, Grand, and Winnipeg Beaches along the southern shore of Lake Winnipeg.

For education, several community schools are located nearby, including Amber Trails School, Leila North, and Maples Collegiate, among many others.

All in all, there’s a reason why so many families choose to call Amber Trails home.

In addition to the communities where you can find Paragon Living affordable housing projects, the above neighbourhoods are all great choices for families looking to settle in Winnipeg, offering a variety of convenient amenities, fun attractions, great schools, and a friendly community.

For some additional guidance, watch our video on what to consider when choosing the right neighbourhood to live in!

We hope this neighbourhood guide has helped you gain a better understanding of where your family can call home next.

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