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Evolving Commercial Hub: Bridgwater Centre, the thriving core of the area, offers a dynamic blend of dining, shopping, and medical facilities, all within convenient walking distance. Explore an array of renowned restaurants, such as Leopold’s Tavern, Lucky Duck Chinese Restaurant, and Le Beaux Tea, catering to diverse culinary preferences. Discover a wide range of essential amenities, including banking options, insurance firms, medical clinics, and various retail outlets, fostering a truly self-contained community experience.

Enjoy an active lifestyle with an 80,000 sqft state-of-the-art fitness centre, Altea Fitness, and the stunning Eskar Park in Bridgwater Trails, featuring 35 acres of native plant life. Bridgwater Centre provides an all-encompassing urban lifestyle, ensuring seamless access to shopping, healthcare services, and recreational activities within a vibrant and diverse community setting.

Neighbourhood Insights

Diverse Residential Offerings: Bridgwater boasts an active lifestyle with extensive walking and bike trails, along with easy access to local amenities. Residents can enjoy the perfect blend of nature and urban convenience in this thriving neighbourhood.

Central Commercial Hub: Bridgwater Centre serves as the bustling core, featuring a variety of dining, shopping, and convenience options, creating a self-sufficient community experience.

Active Lifestyle and Education: Enjoy an array of recreational amenities, including a modern fitness centre and expansive parks, while benefiting from a vibrant educational landscape with several schools and educational facilities.

Alluring landscape

Welcome to the alluring landscape of Bridgwater, a bustling neighbourhood minutes away from the University of Manitoba Campus that encompasses a network of connected communities: Bridgwater Forest, Bridgwater Lakes, Bridgwater Trails, and Bridgwater Centre.

Fitness Room and Storage Convenience: Maximize your living space with our secure storage rooms, and embrace an active lifestyle in our well-equipped fitness room. Our secure bike storage ensures the safety of your bicycles, promoting outdoor adventures and fostering a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

Advanced Security and Modern Comfort: Our state-of-the-art keyless entry system not only prioritizes your safety but also offers a seamless and hassle-free way to access the building. At The Bridgwater, convenience and security are integrated, creating an elevated living experience.

Multi-cultural community

Dive into a vibrant, multicultural community, bolstered by engaged local associations. This family-centric area offers a warm, inclusive environment, fostering connections among residents.

Explore an exceptional educational environment. Our area boasts the acclaimed French Immersion stream, the innovative Bison Run School, and the established Pembina Trails Collegiate.

Enhance your academic path with proximity to the University of Manitoba. Our community's location provides seamless access to higher education, enriching students' academic experiences.

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